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Webinar: New Guava and Muse Algae Kits for Flow Cytometry

Webinar Title: New Guava and Muse Algae Kits for Flow Cytometry


In research areas such as academic, biofuel, food and pharmaceutical industries the determination of algal viability, lipid content, and cell concentration is important in the selection, monitoring, and maintenance of algal cultures.  Flow cytometry has been shown to be an ideal method to assess health and lipid content of cultures but has been challenging to adopt due to high complexity and cost of traditional technologies. In this webinar, we present novel simplified methods for algal characterization using microcapillary cytometry on either a simple touch screen based cytometer, the Muse® Cell Analyzer, or a higher throughput cytometric platform, the compact Guava® easyCyte platforms. The MilliporeSigma algae kits utilize simple mix and read protocols, dedicated software modules, and provide quick results for the of count and viability measurements or relative lipid content on algae strains. The optimized and dedicated algae kits allow for high precision and comparable results to predicate methods. Data from applications to multiple common algal strains such as Chlorella vulgaris and Chlamydomonas reinhardti under different culture conditions will be presented. Availability of dedicated kits for algae research on simple and easy to use cytometric platforms will empower and enable algae researchers to rapidly select optimal culture conditions and strains for downstream experiments.

 What Will You Learn?

Application of flow cytometry to algae count and viabiltiy, and algae lipid content.


Speaker Bio
Katherine Gillis
Senior Research Scientist at MilliporeSigma
Katherine has been with the company for over 15 years focusing on a variety of research areas including; instrument optimization and validation, immunological research and response, cell health evaluations, and most recently algae culture and scale up conditions. She completed her bachelors of science at Santa Clara University.