Customer Education

Lung Cancer & IHC Webinar

Duration: 60 minutes

 What Does It Cover?

Each year, over 222,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer, and over 150,000 succumb to the illness, making it the deadliest cancer in the United States. With advancements in treatment options, the importance of accurate diagnosis and detection of lung cancer becomes more relevant to the survival of the patient. Immunohistochemistry has served as the catalyst for these advancements in lung cancer diagnosis. This presentation covers the basic science, facts, and statistics of lung cancer. It also highlights the utility of immunohistochemical testing with markers such as TTF-1, napsin A, desmoglein 3, and p40.

Continuing education credits for attending this webinar will be offered through the National Society of Histotechnology.

 What Will You Learn?

  • The advancements in immunhistochemical methods that enhance lung pathology
  • The pathology of lung cancer
  • Innovative detection markers including TTF-1, desmoglein-3, napsin A
  • Demonstration of advanced staining on clinical samples

 Who Should Attend?

  • Pathologist/Histotechs
Speaker Bio
Jeff Gordon
BS Microbiology (University of Arkansas)
Head of OEM Sales
Cell Marque
• 15 years of diagnostic IHC experience
• Over 25 NSH-approved workshops conducted
• 6 trade show posters co-authored