Mole Day 2017

So, did you answer our question correctly?

To recap, here was the question:

Assuming that an 8.00 ounce cup of coffee contains 95.0 milligrams of caffeine, how many moles of caffeine would you be consuming if you drank 16.0 ounces of coffee?  (For this calculation, use 194.19 as the molar mass of caffeine.)

Did you answer 9.78x10-4 moles of caffeine?  If so, you were correct!

(Don’t worry, we accepted answers in millimoles, micromoles, decimal notation, and took into account rounding when evaluating contest entries.)

Thanks for participating in our Mole Day & Chemistry Week contest and savings.  Congratulations to our 50 winners of Mole Day mugs and gift cards.

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