Customer Education

Single Step Lysis and Purification

Duration: 20 minutes


 What Does it Cover?

We demonstrate a new protocol for condensing the traditional recombinant protein purification workflow by combining enzymatic lysis and purification steps. This results in significantly less hands-on time and a remarkable 50-75% time savings when compared with the traditional workflow.

 What Will You Learn?

Attendees will learn:

  • Which methods for extracting recombinant proteins from E. coli are most effective for preserving protein activity and integrity
  • How to cut bench time as much as 75% using a simplified protein lysis/purification protocol, and a strategy for automating this condensed protocol
  • How to reduce inter-sample variability while increasing purified protein yield


Speaker Bio
Natasha L. Pirman, Ph.D.
Application Scientist
Molecular Workflow Tools
Natasha L. Pirman, Ph.D. is an Application Scientist for Molecular Workflow Tools where she is involved in developing new sample preparation products and applications for both protein and nucleic acid applications. Prior to joining us, Dr. Pirman utilized her expertise in protein biochemistry to explore structural protein changes to Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and human kinase disease models for drug target investigations.