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Skin Cancer and Immunohistochemistry Webinar

Webinar Title: Skin Cancer and Immunohistochemistry


Skin cancer is by far the most prevalent cancer. Each year, approximately 3.4 million people in the US alone are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. Skin cancer can be highly treatable if it is detected and classified early, and this detection and classification is often aided by immunohistochemistry. This presentation covers many of the basic science, facts, and statistics of skin cancer, as well as the utility of immunohistochemical testing with markers such as S-100, SOX-10, Ber-Ep4, and HHV-8 in the accurate diagnosis and survival rates of skin cancer. Continuing education credits for attending this webinar will be offered through the National Society of Histotechnology.

 What Will You Learn

  • The advancements in immunohistochemical methods that enhance skin tissue pathology
  • The pathology of skin cancer
  • Innovative detection markers including SOX-10, MiTF, PNL2, and KBA.62
  • Demonstration of advanced staining on clinical samples.

 Who Should Watch?

  • Pathologists
  • Histotechnologists


Speaker Bio
Jeff Gordon
Director of OEM Sales
• BS microbiology (University of Arkansas)
• 15 years of diagnostic IHC experience
• Over 25 NSH-approved workshops conducted
• 6 trade show posters co-authored