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Biology and Analytical Chemistry Video Guides

Biology Video Guide   Analytical Video Guide
Biology Video Guide
Title Topics Covered Length
ATP Synthase Animation ATP synthesis 1 minute
Cell Culture
Guide to Successful Cell Culture
Cell Culture basics, guidelines, proper procedures
34 minutes
Accuspin System accuspin, lymophocyte, mononuclear, cell separation 6 minutes
CryoStor Cryopreservation Protocol cryopreservation, cell storage 6 minutes
Examining Epigentics epigenetics, introduction 15 minutes
Reading Between the Genomes epigentics, ENCODE 16 minutes
Chromatin, Histones & Cathepsin; PMAP epigentics, introudction, chromatin 2 minutes
Extract-N-Amp™ FFPE Tissue PCR Protocol DNA extraction, genotyping, PCR 13 minutes
GenElute Five Minute Plasmid Miniprep Procedure plasmid, DNA isolation 6 minutes
GenElute Gel Extraction Procedure DNA purification, gel electrophoresis 5 minutes
GenElute PCR Clean-up Procedure PCR, DNA purification 4 minutes
Genomic DNA Extraction and Amplification Procedure using REDExtract-N-Amp Tissue PCR Kit DNA extraction, PCR, genotyping 4 minutes
GenElute HP Plasmid Maxiprep Procedure plasmid, DNA isolation 6 minutes
MISSION esiRNA for RNAi Screening in Mammalian Cells
esiRNA, gene knockdown
16 minutes
Genome-wide Screen for miRNA Targets Using the MISSION Target ID Library miRNA, target identification 9 minutes
MISSION LentiPlex Pooled shRNA Library Screening in Mammalian Cells genome-wide screen, shRNA, gene knockdown 9 minutes
RNAi Transfection siRNA, shRNA, transient transfection 10 minutes
Lentiviral Packaging lentivirus production, viral packaging, shRNA 10 minutes
Lentiviral Transduction shRNA, stable knockdown, MOI 5 minutes
Magentic Transduction ExpressMag, hard to transfect, shRNA, lentivrus 6 minutes
Pronuclear injection (ZFNs)
transgenic model production, targeted genome editing 10 minutes
Nucleofection of ZFN Reagents nucleofection, ZFN, targeted genome editing 15 minutes
Genome Editing with CompoZr Custom Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) targeted genome editing, custom cell line 9 minutes
Analytical Video Guide
Title Topics Covered Length
General HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)
High-Performance HPLC Fittings and Interconnects fittings, dead volume, resolution 2 minutes
Protein Gel Electrophoresis    
TruPAGE™ Tutorial precast gels, protein gel electrophoresis 7 minutes
Non-specific Protease Activity Assay - Casein as a Substrate protease activity 12minutes

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