Webinar: The Secret to ELISA-based Diagnostic Test Success: Know Your Water

Duration: 30 minutes

 What Does it Cover?

In this brief webinar we will cover the importance of water quality with a focus on ELISA-based diagnostic test applications. Our speakers will touch on water purity grades and what defines each purity level and their expected applications within the in vitro diagnostic manufacturing workflow. Milli-Q water solutions has a long history of providing quality water purification products to meet a wide variety of needs. These capabilities will be further discussed.

This information will be of interest to individuals involved in developing, manufacturing, and using ELISA based immunoassays.

 What Will You Learn?

  • What constitutes pure water
  • Application and selection criteria for water purity levels in immuno-based assays
  • Selection of a proper water purity supply for developing, manufacturing, and QA/QC of robust immunoassays

 Who Should Attend?

  • Diagnostic Test Manufacturers
  • IVD Test Developers
  • Diagnostic Test End Users
Speaker Bio
Estelle Riche, Ph.D.
Global Application Specialist, Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions, { MilliporeSigma }

Dr. Estelle Riche holds an engineering degree in chemistry from ESCOM (France) and a PhD in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). Prior to joining Millipore SAS fourteen years ago, she was an assistant professor in the School of Dentistry at UNC for four years. She is currently a Global Application Specialist for Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions, based in Guyancourt, France. Her responsibilities include understanding the potential impact of water contaminants on the results of laboratory tests and providing support to scientists regarding the optimal use of purified water in their laboratory.

Speaker Bio
Patricia Schnulle
Strategic Business Manager, Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions, { MilliporeSigma }

Patricia Schnulle obtained her M.S. from the University of Illinois with a research focus on reproductive immunology.  Before joining { MilliporeSigma }, she worked on several research projects learning and teaching various techniques including molecular biology and protein expression analysis.  She has been with { MilliporeSigma } for 14 years and continues with her love of science and quest for more knowledge, including recently completing her MBA from Butler University.  She prefers to use her powers for good in her role as the Applied Market Research & Strategic Business Manager for Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions in North America where she helps bridge the gap between water purification and the rest of the { MilliporeSigma } portfolio within the Applied Market.