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Webinar – Designing the Next Phase in Genome Editing: Advanced CRISPR Applications

Webinar Title: Designing the Next Phase in Genome Editing: Advanced CRISPR Applications

 What Does It Cover?

CRISPR Cas9 nucleases have revolutionized the field of genome editing enabling unprecedented efficiency of gene targeting in a vast array of cell types and organisms. Even with such a powerful technology at hand, researchers new to the field may find genome modification to be challenging and time-consuming. As CRISPR becomes a focus of the molecular biology research community, MilliporeSigma seeks to share the best approaches learned and methods applied in our years of genome editing experience. Today’s presentation will focus on practical applications of CRISPR for pristine genome editing to achieve knockout as well as specific sequence changes to include donor-mediated snps, reporter-tags and conditional knockouts. Special attention will be paid to design considerations for the donor constructs necessary to achieve specific sequence changes. Finally, the frontiers of CRISPR technology, including synthetic crRNA to fast-track genome editing experiments, whole genome screening and targeted gene activation will be explored.


Speaker Bio
Jeremy Lehmann
CRISPR Product Specialist
Functional Genomics
Jeremy has a strong background in genome editing with over 8 years of experience in the industry.  Seven years have been with Sigma-Aldrich as a research and development scientist. In this role, he first worked with human and mouse ES and IPS cells performing targeted integration and generating reporter cell lines. Most recently his R&D work has been in the ADME/Toxicology field developing genetically modified primary cells for use in cell based assays for the pharmaceutical industry. Among many other things, he specializes in screening assay design for Surveyor and RFLP.

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