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Tools for Mass Spectrometry

As your partner in discovery, we are here to provide you the products and information that you need to stay on the leading edge of mass spectrometry (MS) research in proteomics and metabolomics. Our MS portfolio covers workflows from sample preparation to downstream analysis, and allows you to probe biological systems and analyze prospective biomarkers in depth. We are committed to providing you with the broadest range of advanced products for MS workflow applications, backed by unrivaled scientific knowledge, customer service and technical service.

Proteomics Tools Workflow Stage Metabolomics Tools
Stable Isotope Metabolic Labeling Materials
Protein Extraction Reagents Protein Depletion Kits Sample Cleanup
Sample Preparation

Sample Cleanup

Proteases Sciex iChemistry™ Products Digestion / Labeling

Sciex Amplifex™ Products

Protein and Peptide Calibration Standards Standardization / Calibration

Internal Standards

Chromatography Chromatographic Separation


MALDI-MS Detection & Analysis