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To meet highest demands for quality, we offer a selection of BioUltra Luminescence Spectroscopy Reagents.


Emission spectra (fluorescence and phosphorescence), and their evaluation with respect to time, are a much more sensitive and specific measurement than absoption spectra, and are particularly useful in trace analysis and in biology and medicine [1,2,3].

During experimentation (separation, purification, analysis), other chemicals are required to support the conditions necessary for investigation. This could lead to the introduction of fluorescent contamination especially if large amounts of reagents are used, with a resultant increase in background fluorescence.

To meet the needs of our customers, a selection of products has been chosen from a wide range of fields of application, and screened to ensure the absence of fluorescent impurities, according to the luminescence test described below. At present, this group consist of several buffers, salts and acids.

BioUltra, for Luminescence Quality

In addition to the general BioUltra Reagent tests, this group of product is screened by means of a luminescence test for the absence of fluorescence impurities and thus products can be assessed as suitable for use in techniques using luminescence spectroscopy.

Luminescence Test:
Fluorescent impurities can be detected by subjecting a solution of test material to light excitation between 200 and 620 nm and observing emission in a range between 300 and 700 nm. The product is considered suitable when no impurities are detected.



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