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Diagnostic and Elite Enzymes
ISO 13485 grade
Increase your reliability and reproducibility with our new enhanced quality enzymes


Industrial Enzymes
Find safe, cost-effective  technology solutions for nutritional analysis and large-scale industrial manufacturing and research


Recombinant Enzymes (Animal-Free Alternative)
Discover a wide range of enzymes that are high purity, consistent lot-to-lot and an animal free alternative


Drug Discovery and Cell Signaling Enzymes and Reagents
For high throughput compound screening and selectivity profiling use these highly active enzymes such as kinases, methyltransferases, deacetylases (HDACs), and phosphodiesterases


Membrane Protein Tools
Explore the most effective ways  to study membrane protein structure and function such as Nanodisc technology.



Enzymes for Molecular Biology
Select our comprehensive, off-the-shelf  catalog of enzymes to accelerate your research



Roche Life Science Reagents
Researchers can now turn to Sigma-Aldrich as the exclusive, single source supplier of well-respected, high quality enzymes from Roche



Enzymes for Glycobiology
Use these enzymes as tools to
understand carbohydrate structure and function


Enzyme Kits and Reagents
Eliminate the cost of locating reagents and developing assays with these convenient high quality enzyme kits