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Product # T3568

Recombinant, Animal-Free Bovine Trypsin, Expressed in Corn

Trypzean™ eliminates the introduction of animal source contaminants found in traditional bovine and porcine trypsins.


Appearance: White Powder
Protein Content: ³90% [E1% A280 nm = 14.3]
Specific Activity: Not less than 3650 USP units/mg solid
Molecular Weight: 23,000–27,000 Da by SDS PAGE
Solubility: 500,000 USP Trypsin Units are soluble in 10 mL of water and in 10 mL of saline TS

Features and Benefits:

  • High Purity – Eliminates contaminating activities and increases specificity.
  • Free of animal contaminants – Eliminates bovine pathogen concerns.
  • Comparable kinetics to native trypsin – Simplifies transition from native source trypsin products.
  • Suitability for dissociation of adherent cell lines at several fold lower concentrations than traditional native trypsins – Reduces amount of trypsin required.
  • Inhibition by soybean trypsin inhibitor is comparable to native trypsins on a weight to weight basis – Reduces amount of trypsin inhibitor required.

Kinetics of TrypZean™:

Kinetics of TrypZean

Concentration dependant rates of hydrolysis of BAPNA are essentially identical for TrypZean™ and bovine trypsin.


Research Sizes:  10mg and 100mg

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