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Performance without Premium Cost

Why spend more of your research dollars than you need to for an enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) substrate? Sigma's CPS-3 Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate-3 is an economic alternative for high-throughput Western applications that still outperforms the competition. This two-component system provides low nanogram detection with superior signal-to-noise ratio and less background. In addition, the two-component system is stable after mixing, so you can prepare enough working reagent for a day or a week at a time.

With CPS-3 you get:
  • Sensitivity — Low nanogram protein detection with superior signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Fast — Save time by eliminating the need to prepare fresh solutions hourly. Working solution is stable for at least 6 weeks.

  • $$ saved — CPS-3 is half the cost of the leading ECL substrate.

CPS-3 versus the Competition – Performance You Expect

Chemiluminescent detection of a FLAG®-bacterial alkaline phosphatase (BAP) fusion protein in a COS-7 cell lysate using CPS-3 and three ECL substrate formulations from the leading competitor. Sigma’s CPS-3 is more sensitive than Standard formulation B or Enhanced formulation C.

CPS-3 Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate
Ordering Information
Product Code Product Name Quantity Technical Manual
CPS3-50 Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate-3 50 ml
CPS3-100 Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate-3 100 ml
CPS3-500 Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate-3 500 ml

For your most demanding high-sensitivity Western applications, try Chemiluminescent Peroxidase Substrate-1 for Western Blotting, delivering up to 100X improvement in signal-to-noise ratio over the competition.