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We have the largest selection of lectins and lectin conjugates available, with over 100 products from over 35 sources. Backed by quality and service you’ve come to expect, we offer lectins for all your life science applications, including:

  • Histochemical Studies
  • Lymphocyte Subpopulations Studies
  • Cell Fractionation
  • Mitogenic Stimulation
  • Blood Group Typing

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Lectins for Western Blot Detection of Glycoproteins

Taxonomic Source Listing

Common Name Taxonomic Name   Common Name Taxonomic Name
*Abrin Abrus precatorius Jimson weed Datura stramonium
Asparagus pea Tetragonolobus purpureas *Labumum, Scotch Labumum alpinum
*Avocado Perseau americana Lentil Lens culinaris
*Bitter pear melon Momordica charantia Lotus Tetragonolobus purpureas
Broad bean Vicia faba Mistletoe, European Viscum album
Camels foot tree Bauhinia purpurea *Mung bean Vigna radiata
Castor bean Ricinus communis Mushroom Agaricus bisporus
Chick pea Cicer arietinum Osage orange Maclura pomifera
*Cobra, Mozambique Naja mocambique mocambique *Pagoda tree Sophora japonica
*Cobra, Thailand Naja naja kaouthia Pea, garden Pisum sativum
Con A Canavalia ensiformis Peanut Arachis hykpogaea
Concanavalin A Canavalia ensiformis Pokeweek Phytolacca americana
Coral Tree Erythrina cristagalli Potato Solanum tuberosum
Coral tree, Israel Erythrina corallodendron Red kidney bean Phaseolus vulgaris
Daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus *Red marine algae Ptilota plumosa
Eel Anguilla anguilla Roman snail Helix pomatia
Elder Sambucus nigra Scarlet runner bean Phaseolus coccineus
Fava bean Vicia faba Siberian pea tree Caragana arborescens
Furze Ulex europaeus Snail, garden Helix aspersa
Gorse Ulex europaeus Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis
Green marine algae Codium fragile Soybean Glycine max
Hairy vetch Vicia villosa Spindle tree Euonymus eruopaeus
Horse gram Dolichos biflorus *Sweet pea Lathyrus odoratus
Horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus Thorn apple Datura stramonium
Jacalin Artocarpus integrifolia Tomato Lycopersicon esculentum
Jack bean Canavalia ensiformis Wheat germ Triticum vulgaris
Japanese wisteris Wisteria floribunda Winged bean Psophocarpus tetragonolobus
*Jequity bean Abrus precatorius Winged pea Tetragonolobus purpureas
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With over 100 products from over 35 natural sources, our conjugates include:

  • Agarose
  • FITC
  • Peroxidase
  • Biotin
  • Gold

Many lectins are available as conjugates. Conjugation does not alter the specificity of the lectin. The degree of conjugation is expressed as 1) a mole dye per mole lectin basis 2) a unit enzyme activity per mg protein or 3) a mg protein per mL packed gel basis. For colloidal gold conjugates, the activity of the lectin is determined by a dot blot assay using an appropriate glycoprotein. Agglutination activity is expressed in microgram per mL and is determined from serial dilution studies of a 1 mg per mL solution. This activity is the lowest concentration of lectin to agglutinate a 2% suspension of appropriate erythrocytes after 1 hour incubation at 25 °C.

 Lectins Product List

Subunits Specificity
L5640 Agaricus bisporus 58.5 ß-gal(1->3)galNAc    
L4141 Anguilla anguilla 40 2 H a-L-Fuc    
L0881 Arachis hypogaea 120 4 T ß-gal(1->3)galNAc    
L7759 conjugate           Peroxidase
L6135 conjugate           Biotin
L7381 conjugate           FITC
L3766 conjugate           TRITC
L6646 conjugate           Agarose
L3515 Artocarpus integrifolia 42 4 T a-gal->OMe (+)  
L4650 conjugate           Peroxidase
L5147 conjugate           Agarose
76158 conjugate            
  Bandeiraea Simplicifolia Top of Page
L2380 BS-I 114 4 A, B a-gal, a-galNAc    
L3759 conjugate           Biotin
L9381 conjugate           FITC
L5264 conjugate           TRITC
L1509 BS-I-A4 114 4 A a-galNAc    
L0890 conjugate           FITC
L3019 BS-I-B4 114 4 B a-gal    
L5391 conjugate           Peroxidase
L2140 conjugate           Biotin
L2895 conjugate           FITC
L6013 Bauhinia purpurea 195 4 ß-gal(1->3)galNAc (+)  
L9637 Caragana arborescens 60;120 (c) 2;4 galNAc    
L3141 Cicer arietinum 44 2 fetuin    
L2638 Codium fragile 60 4 galNAc    
C7275 Concanavalin A 102 4 a-man, a-glc (+)  
L6397 conjugate           Peroxidase
C2272 conjugate           Biotin
C7642 conjugate           FITC
C6904 conjugate           Agarose
C9017 conjugate           Sepharose
L5021 conjugate           Gold, 10nm
L3642 conjugate           Gold, 20nm
C7898 conjugate           Ferritin
L3885 Succinyl-Concanavalin A 51 2 a-man, a-glc (+) (d)  
L9385 conjugate           FITC
L2766 Datura stramonium 86 2(a&ß)a (glcNAc)2    
L2785 Dolichos biflorus 140 4 A1 a-galNAc    
L1287 conjugate           Peroxidase
L6533 conjugate           Biotin
L9142 conjugate           FITC
L9658 conjugate           TRITC
L9894 conjugate           Agarose
L2142 Erythrina corallodendron 60 2 ß-gal(1->4)glcNAc (+)  
L5390 Erythrina cristagalli 56.8 2(a&ß)a ß-gal(1->4)glcNAc    
L7400 Euonymus europaeus 166 4(a&ß)a B, H a-gal(1->3)gal (+)  
L8725 Galanthus nivalis 52 4 (h) non-reduc. D-man    
L8775 conjugate           Agarose
L1395 Glycine max 110 4 galNAc (+) (b)  
L2650 conjugate           Peroxidase
L4511 conjugate           TRITC
L1105 conjugate           Agarose
L6635 Helix aspersa 79 A galNAc    
L8764 conjugate           Biotin
L3382 Helix pomatia 79 6 A galNAc    
L6387 conjugate           Peroxidase
L6512 conjugate           Biotin
L1034 conjugate           FITC
L1261 conjugate           TRITC
L9267 Lens culinaris 49 2 a-man (+)  
L4143 conjugate           Biotin
L9262 conjugate           FITC
L0511 conjugate           Sepharose
L2263 Limulus polyphemus 400 18 NeuNAc    
L2886 Lycopersicon esculentum 71 (glcNAc)3 (+) (e)  
L0651 conjugate           Biotin
L0401 conjugate           FITC
L8025 Maackia amurensis 130 2(a&ß) O sialiCacid (+)  
L6141 Maclura pomifera 40-43 2(a&ß)a a-gal,a-galNAc    
L4401 conjugate           Peroxidase
L2013 conjugate           Biotin
L5650 Narcissus pseudonarcissus 26 2 (h) a-D-man    
L3138 Phaseolus coccineus 112 4    
L4389 conjugate           TRITC
  Phaseolus Vulgaris Top of Page
L8629 PHA-E 128 4 oligosaccharide (+)  
L6139 conjugate           TRITC
L2769 PHA-L 126 4 oligosaccharide (+)  
75319 conjugate            
77363 conjugate            
90852 conjugate            
L8754 PHA-P            
L2646 PHA-M            
L9379 Phytolacca americana 32f (glcNAc)3 (+)  
L2882 conjugate           Agarose
03065 conjugate            
L5380 Pisum sativum 49 4(a&ß)a a-man (+)  
L0770 conjugate           FITC
L9895 Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA-I) 13-13.7 gal    
L2138 Psophocarpus tetragonolobus 35 1 galNAc, gal    
L3139 conjugate           Peroxidase
L3014 conjugate           Biotin
L3264 conjugate           FITC
  Ricinus Communis Top of Page
L7886 Agglutinin, RCA120 120 4 ß-gal    
L2390 conjugate           Agarose
L2758 conjugate           Peroxidase
L9514 Ricin, A chain            
L4022 Ricin, A chain, deglycosylated            
L9639 Ricin, B chain            
L6890 Sambucus nigra            
L4266 Solanum tuberosum            
L9254 Tetragonolobus purpureas 120(A), 58(B), 117(C) 4;2;4 H a-L-fuc    
L5759 conjugate           Peroxidase
L3134 conjugate           Biotin
L5644 conjugate           FITC
L9640 Triticum vulgaris 36 2 (glcNAc)2, NeuNAc (+)  
L3892 conjugate           Peroxidase
L0390 conjugate           Peroxidase
L5142 conjugate           Biotin
16441 conjugate            
L4895 conjugate           FITC
L9884 conjugate           Evans Blue
L1894 conjugate           Gold, 10nm
L1882 conjugate           Agarose
  Ulex Europaeus Top of Page
L5505 UEA I 68 H a-L-fuc    
L8146 conjugate           Peroxidase
L8262 conjugate           Biotin
73873 conjugate            
19337 conjugate            
L9006 conjugate           FITC
L4889 conjugate           TRITC
L6263 Vicia faba 50 4(a&ß)a man, glc (+)  
L4011 Vicia villosa 139 4a A1+Tn galNAc    
L9388 conjugate           Agarose
L7513 Isolectin B4 143 4 Tn galNAc    
L7888 conjugate           Agarose
L2662 Viscum album 115g 4(a&ß)a ß-gal    
  Wisteria floribunda 68 2 galNAc    
L1516 conjugate           Biotin
L2016   Reduced 34 1 galNAc    
L1766 conjugate           Biotin

a. Subunits are of different molecular weights
b. Mitogenic for neuraminidase-treated lymphocytes
c. Concentration-dependent mol. wt. change
d. Non-agglutinating and mitogenic
e. Inhibits mitogenic activity of PHA
f. Data given for PWM Pa2
g. Data given for VAA(I)
h. Agglutinates rabbit, but not human, erythrocytes