IUBMB Nicholson Minimaps

Over the past 40 years, 21 editions and over a million Metabolic Pathways Charts have sought to provide a unique picture of integrated metabolism. These are now supplemented by Minimaps which take selected individual pathways and enlarge them to illustrate aspects of metabolism that could not previously be shown — such as compartmentation, enzymes and regulation. By the use of different-coloured backgrounds to identify different organs and organelles and tissues and membranes it becomes possible to show how often opposing reactions (as in biosynthesis and degradation) can both take place in the same cell. The pathways are designed to "flow" from a highlighted starting point to a highlighted ultimate product - a process which in relevant cases is clarified by the judicious use of blood vessels. The object is to make the pathways easy to explore, meaningful, and fun. Real-life Metabolism!


Title PDF 
1. The Hub of Metabolism PDF (52 kb)
2. Glycolysis PDF (44 kb)
3. Lactic and Alcoholic Fermentation PDF (240 kb)
4. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Reactions PDF (52 kb)
5. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Products of Potential Energy PDF (54 kb)
6. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Enzymes and EC Reference Numbers PDF (62 kb)
7. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Compartmentation PDF (53 kb)
8. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Compartmentation (Simplified) PDF (49 kb)
9. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Shuttles PDF (70 kb)
10. Glycolysis and TCA Cycle - Regulation PDF (58 kb)
11. Mitochondrial ATP Formation PDF (640 kb)
12. ATP Yield PDF (636 kb)
13. Anaplerotic (Replenishing) Reactions of the TCA Cycle PDF (61 kb)
14. The Glyoxylate Pathway PDF (65 kb)
15. Gluconeogenesis and Glycolysis PDF (143 kb)
16. Gluconeogenesis and Glycolysis - Regulation PDF (133 kb)
17. Lipid Metabolism PDF (112 kb)
18. Deamination of Amino Acids - The Urea Cycle PDF (87 kb)
19. Purine Metabolism PDF (98 kb)
20. Pyrimidine Metabolism PDF (104 kb)
21. Pentose Phosphate Pathways PDF (73 kb)
22. Pentose Phosphate Pathways - Pathway II PDF (70 kb)
23. Photosynthesis in the Chloroplast PDF (631 kb)
24. Photosynthesis - Regulation PDF (461 kb)
25. Night-Life in the Chloroplast PDF (590 kb)
26. Basic Photosynthesis PDF (489 kb)
27. Photosynthesis - Calvin Cycle PDF (119 kb)
28. Folic Acid Metabolism PDF (66 kb)
29. Folic Acid Reactions PDF (63 kb)
30. Folic Acid and Early Chemotherapy PDF (181 kb)
31. Isoprene Metabolism PDF (88 kb)
32. Products of Isoprene Metabolism PDF (143 kb)
33. Heme Metabolism PDF (123 kb)
34. Prostaglandins PDF (245 kb)
35. ATP and Histidine Interrelationships PDF (75 kb)



I would like to acknowledge with gratitude the many biochemists who have encouraged, guided, and positively criticised these creations. They include many colleagues in the School of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Leeds, especially Ed Wood. Martin Brand at Cambridge and Malcolm Watford at Rutgers have constantly and patiently offered their expertise to enhance the accuracy and clarity of some of the trickiest and most important of the maps. The Nomenclature Committee of the IUBMB has official oversight of the maps and some of their busiest members have spent untold hours assessing and correcting my numerous biochemical and typographical errors. To Hal Dixon at Kings College Cambridge, to Dick Cammack at Kings College London and to Keith Tipton at Trinity College Dublin, I am especially grateful.

Donald Nicholson