Samplicity® G2 Filtration System with Millex® Filters

For scientists who filter dozens of samples a day, traditional filtration can lead to manual fatigue – especially for hard-to-filter, viscous, or particulate-laden samples.

Our vacuum-driven Samplicity® G2 filtration system enables scientists to benefit from the quality of Millex® filters, while skipping the pain of manual filtration. With multiple sample ports, researchers can filter up to eight samples simultaneously into standard 2 mL HPLC sample vials.


Benefits of the Samplicity® G2 system

Reduce Waste with the Samplicity® G2 Filtration System

Using the Samplicity® G2 system results in a 33% reduction in waste weight, a 66% reduction in waste volume, and eliminates segregation of syringe waste. After 15 users filtered 24 samples, syringes, syringe filters, and Millex Samplicity® membrane filters were collected, weighed, and placed into 10 in x 10 in x 10 in boxes to evaluate relative waste volume.


  Samplicity® G2 system Syringe filtration % Reduction in Waste
Weight (g) 2827.5 4232.9 33.2%
Volume (in3) 1000 3000 66%


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