Millex® Filters for the Samplicity® G2 Filtration System

Millex Samplicity® G2 filtration system with compatible Millex® filters.

Produced from the same HPLC-certified, low-extractable polypropylene as Millex® syringe filters, the Samplicity® filtration system eliminates the pain of manual filtration from sample preparation, without interfering with your results. Millex® syringe filters are the gold standard in HPLC sample preparation due to our intelligent design, unparalleled manufacturing process, superior materials, and high quality standards. Designed with the needs of sample preparation in mind, Millex® syringe filters feature:

  • Minimal hold-up volume
  • Filter and seal integrity
  • Low extractables and binding
  • Solvent-resistant, polypropylene housing
  • Multiple Millipore® membrane types for broad sample and solvent compatibility
  • Variety of pore sizes

Millex® syringe filters for the Samplicity® G2 system include HPLC-certified, low-extractable polypropylene adaptor funnels that are added to the syringe filter prior to sample loading. For additional information on how Millex® syringe filters are used in the Samplicity® G2 system, please visit our Samplicity® G2 learning center.

Millex Samplicity® filters for the Millex Samplicity® G2 system

Unmatched convenience with Millex Samplicity® filters

Take convenience in HPLC sample preparation to the next level with Millex Samplicity® filters. These all-in-one filters feature:

  • Integrated polypropylene funnels for easy sample loading
  • Connected packaging in perforated strips of eight for fast setup
  • Available with multiple membranes, including PVDF (0.45 μm), hydrophilic PTFE (0.45 μm), and hydrophilic PTFE (0.2 μm)

Millex® Syringe Filters with adaptor funnels for the Samplicity® G2 System

Membrane Pore Size (um) Pack (Qty) Product No.
Hydrophilic PTFE 0.20 250 SAMP2LGNB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2LGNK
0.45 250 SAMP2LCRB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2LCRK
Durapore® (PVDF) membrane 0.22 250 SAMP2GVNB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2GVNK
0.45 250 SAMP2HVNB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2HVNK
Nylon 0.20 250 SAMP2GNNB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2GNNK
0.45 250 SAMP2HNNB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2HNNK
PES 0.22 250 SAMP2GPNB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2GPNK
0.45 250 SAMP2HPNB
1000 (4 x 250) SAMP2HPNK

Millex Samplicity® Filters with integrated funnels

Membrane Pore Size Pack (Qty) Product No.
Hydrophilic PTFE 0.45 96 SAMPLCR01
0.20 96 SAMPLG001
384 SAMPLG004
Hydrophilic PVDF 0.45 96 SAMPHV001
384 SAMPHV004


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