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10X CE Buffer

Our 10X Capillary Electrophoresis Running Buffer was designed to meet the high-quality and high-throughput demands of today's sequencing labs. As a primary manufacturer and leading supplier of TBE to the gel-based sequencing community, we have the know how and large scale capacity to meet your buffer needs. Our scientists have taken thier experience and joined it with today's advancing technologies to optimize a buffer for use with capillary electrophoresis sequencing instruments.


Features and Benefits
  • Cost efficient - high quality buffer at a great value
  • Quality control testing of every lot ensures proper pH, conductivity and performance for Capillary Electrophoresis Sequencing
  • Compatible with ABI Prism® 3700, 3100 and 310 DNA sequencers
  • Room temperature stability for convenient shipping and storage
  • Plastic bottles provide easy handling

Figure 1. Data quality analysis based on PHRED q>20 scores. Average read length of both single-stranded and double-stranded DNA samples were analyzed on the ABI Prism® 3700 under standard run conditions 3 hours at 1,000V, 50 °C. Samples were prepared using BigDye™ terminators with SigmaSpin™ post-reaction clean up.

Table 1. 10X CE Buffer Performance
  Run Time Average PHRED
q>20 bases
Average total
read length
ABI Prism® 3700 3.0 (h) 520 800
MegaBACE® 2.75 (h) 495 760
Data quality analysis based on PHRED q>20 scores and total readable bases. Data was generated from M13, pGEM and pbluescript templates using BigDye™ Terminators and standard run conditions.

Ordering Information
Product Number Product Description Quantity
B4930 10X Capillary Electrophoresis Running Buffer 1 liter
4 liter
20 liter
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