Automated Sequencing


A universal dilution buffer for all common reaction premix chemistries - including BigDye™ v. 3.0.

SeqSaver™ Sequencing Premix Dilution Buffer is designed to decrease the overall cost of sequencing by allowing the user to decrease the amount of reaction premix needed for each sequencing reaction. SeqSaver is a universal sequencing reaction diluent compatible with all commonly available reaction premixes including BigDye™ (v. 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0), ThermoSequenase™ II, and standard terminator premixes.

Sequencing data (Fig. 2) obtained using SeqSaver in a 1:1 ratio with reaction premix yields resolution, read length and accuracy identical to unmodified reaction mixes. Strict QC and performance testing eliminates lot to lot variation resulting in consistent results every run. SeqSaver is suitable for analysis using ABI Prism® gel-based or capillary sequencing instruments and Amersham Biosciences MegaBACE™. With additional optimization some templates allow for further dilution and reduced total reaction volumes for even greater savings.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used with BigDye™
    (v. 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0), ThermoSequenase™ II, DYEnamic™ ETs, and other standard terminator premixes
  • Reduces the amount of costly reaction premix by 50% or more
  • No compromise in read length, resolution or signal strength
  • SeqSaver can be mixed with individual reactions or directly to your stock premix
  • Can be used with reaction volumes of 10 µl or less


Figure 1. Data quality analysis based on PHRED q>20 scores. Comparison of sequencing reactions generated with dilutions of reaction premix using SeqSaver and a 5X Sequencing buffer. Data was generated from M13MP18 and pGEM templates using BigDye™ terminators and SigmaSpin post-reaction clean-up plates. Reaction premix was diluted 1:1, 1:4 and 1:8 in a 20 µl reaction and compared to undiluted reaction premix control.

Decrease the cost of sequencing without compromising signal strength, read length or data quality.

Panel A.
Panel B.
Panel C.

Figure 2. Sequencing results indicating signal strength and base resolution. BigDye™ terminator reaction premix diluted using SeqSaver.
A. no dilution
B. 1:1 dilution
C. 1:4 dilution.
Data was generated from M13MP18 and pGEM templates using BigDye™ terminators and SigmaSpin™ post-reaction clean-up plates.

Ordering Information

Product Number Product Description Reactions
(20 µl rxn)
(10 µl rxn)
S3938 SeqSaver™ Sequencing Premix Dilution Buffer 100
0.4 ml
2 x 1 ml
4 x 1 ml
20 ml