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Microbial Media

Microbial culture is widely used in the molecular biology workflow. From freshly-thawed competent cells to transformed clones producing plasmid DNA or protein, we have the microbial medium you need for fast and easy growth that leads to reproducible results.
Learn more about your microbial media choices in the Learning Center, or select your formulation below:

LB media - The most widely referenced microbial medium; available in Lennox, Miller and Luria's low salt formulations.

LB Agar plates  - Ready-to-use plates for isolating recombinant E. coli colonies in solid growth medium. Due to short expiration dates, antibiotic plates are available in the USA only.

Terrific Broth - Media for non-selective cultivation of E. coli strains for cloning, high yield DNA plasmid production and high yield production of recombinant proteins.

SOC - A rich media used primarily in the recovery step of Escherichia coli competent cell transformations.

2xYT - A medium suitable for non-selective cultivation of M13 bacteriophage, and E. coli strains for cloning, DNA plasmid production and production of recombinant proteins.

Other bacterial growth media - Hanahan's Broth (SOB), NZ Amine, and M9 formulations.

Yeast Nitrogen Base - Media with and without amino acids for non-selective growth.

EnPresso™ B Growth Systems - revolutionize the role of microbial cell culture in the research lab, solving the well-recognized problems of low yield and poor quality of recombinant proteins, to make it easier than ever to focus on your research.