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NeuroPORTER™ Transfection Kit Data

NeuroPORTER Transfection Kit is a unique cationic lipid that has been specifically optimized for the transfection of neuronal cells. Historically, cultured and primary neuronal cells have been extremely difficult to maintain and transfect. Media and serum sensitivity and cytotoxicity frequently result in low efficiency, viability, and neurodegeneration in cultured, primary neurons. NeuroPORTER provides a fast, simple, and reliable system for DNA transfections and assures high efficiency, high viability results every time!

The NeuroPORTER advantage

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Minimal cytotoxicity
  • Fast, Simple Protocol
  • Compatible with Serum
  • Suitable for DNA Transfection of Cultured and Primary Tissues
  • Eliminates Neurodegeneration and Neurite withdrawal typical of Calcium Phosphate and Electroporation methods.
  • Each kit is suitable for 75-300 tests, depending on cell type.

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Superior Results. Cultured primary neurons are difficult to transfect because they are post-mitotic and very sensitive to culture conditions. The first set of slides demonstrates the efficient transfection of a plasmid expressing GFP (green fluorescent protein) into a primary culture of rat cortical neurons. After the cells are transfected, there are no signs of neurodegeneration or withdrawal of neurites that are frequently observed when using calcium phosphate or electroporation.

Rat Primary Cortical Neurons
transfected with 10 µl NeuroPORTER and 2 µg of gWiz/GFP vector.

C6 Glioma Cells
transfected with 30 µl NeuroPORTER and 3 µg of gWiz/GFP vector.

Human NT2 Cells
transfected with 5 µl NeuroPORTER and 2 µg of gWiz/GFP vector.

Differentiated hNT Neurons
transfected with 20 µl NeuroPORTER and 2 µg of gWiz/GFP vector.

Figure 1. Images represent transfection of plasmids expressing GFP into Rat Primary Cortical Neurons, C6 Glioma Cells, Human NT2 Cells, and Differentiated hNT Neurons.

In addition, we have compared NeuroPORTER reagent with other commercially available transfection reagents using Human NT2 Neuron Precursor Cells, Differentiated hNT Neurons, and C6 Glioma Cell Lines. Figure 2 shows the superior transfection and gene expression results obtained with the NeuroPORTER reagent.

Figure 2. b-gal expression comparison in NT2 Cells, hNT Neurons and C6 Glioma Cells.

NeuroPORTER is a trademark of Gene Therapy Systems, Inc.