Cloning & Expression

BICEP Vectors for Bicistronic Expression

 Superior Stable Expression in Mammalian Cells

pBICEP-CMV-1 and pBICEP-CMV-2 offer selection of cells expressing high levels of recombinant protein by expression of a target gene and the neor gene from a single bicistronic message (Figure 1). The neor gene is translated in a cap-independent fashion under control of the EMCV IRES. These vectors lack a mammalian origin of replication and thus likely form stable transfectants through genomic integration of plasmid DNA.

  • Stable expression of target from bicistronic message
  • Expression levels outperform competition >30-fold
  • Stable cell line production without concern of plasmid loss
  • Maintains high expression levels after numerous passages

Product MCS Region
E0779, pBICEP-CMV™-1
N-terminal Met-FLAG
E0904, pBICEP-CMV™-2
N-terminal Met-3xFLAG

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 Expression of Two Targets

pBICEP-CMV-3 and pCMV-BICEP-4 are mammalian bicistronic vectors for transient co-expression of any two genes of interest from one construct. They may also be used to create a customized stable selection vector by cloning the gene of interest with the desired selection marker. Target genes are cloned into the two separate MCS regions. Genes cloned into MCS1 are expressed in a cap dependent manner while genes cloned into MCS2 are translated in a cap-independent fashion under control of the EMCV IRES. Because both genes are expressed from one construct, it is likely that most transfected cells will express both genes unlike co-transfected populations. As a result, pBICEP-CMV-3 and pCMV-BICEP-4 are ideal for multisubunit proteins, multi-protein complexes, and protein-protein interaction studies. These vectors contain the SV40 replication origin for episomal replication in appropriate host cells.

  • Transient expression of two targets
  • Most transfected cells will express both targets unlike co-transfected populations
  • Ideal for protein-protein interaction studies
  • Create your own stable selection vector
  • FLAG® and c-Myc tags

Product MCS Region
E7029, pBICEP-CMV™-3
Target 1: N-terminal Met-FLAG
Target 2: No tag
E5905, pBICEP-CMV™-4
Target 1: N-terminal Met-FLAG
Target 2: N-terminal c-Myc

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