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FLAG® and 3xFLAG® Overview

A Proven System for Detection and Purification of Proteins
The FLAG Expression System is an established way to express, purify and detect recombinant fusion proteins. FLAG and 3xFLAG have proven utility in numerous applications such as Western blotting, immunocytochemistry, immunoprecipitation, flow cytometry, protein purification, and in the study of protein-protein interactions, cell ultrastructure and protein localization. These small hydrophilic tags facilitate superior detection and purification of recombinant fusion proteins when using our highly specific and sensitive ANTI-FLAG® antibodies.

Ideal Epitope Tags: Small, Hydrophilic and Cleavable
The FLAG expression system utilizes a short, hydrophilic 8-amino acid peptide that is fused to the recombinant protein of interest. Because of its hydrophilic nature, the FLAG peptide is likely to be located on the surface of the fusion protein. As a result, the FLAG peptide is easily accessible for cleavage by enterokinase (Ek) and for detection with antibodies. In addition, because of the small size of the FLAG peptide tag, it is not likely to obscure other epitopes, domains, or alter function, secretion, or transport of the fusion protein.

The 3xFLAG system is an improvement upon the original system by fusing 3 tandem FLAG epitopes (22 amino acids). Detection of fusion proteins containing 3xFLAG is enhanced up to 200 times more than any other system. Like the original FLAG tag, 3xFLAG is hydrophilic, contains an Ek cleavage site, and is relatively small. Therefore, the risk of altering protein function, blocking other epitopes or decreasing solubility is minimized.

How to use the table
The table below contains a list of available kits, each of which contains both a FLAG expression vector and control vector. For example, in the first row, Product No. E6783 is a kit that contains a FLAG expression vector (Product No. E8770) and control vector (Product No. C3972). Vector sequences are available by clicking any of the product codes listed in the columns labeled "Expression Vector Sequence" and "Control Vector Sequence." Click on the vector diagram link to view a map of the corresponding expression vector. These maps are available as a downloadable PDF. It's best to change the page scaling option to "fit to printable area" for best results when printing.

Product Description Expression Vector
Expression Vector
Feature Map
Control Vector
Diagram / Map
E7273 pFLAG-CMV™-1 Expression Vector E7273 (4 Kb Text File) E7273 206 Kb PDF
E7033 pFLAG-CMV™-2 Expression Vector E7398 (4 Kb Text File) E7398 P5100 (5 Kb Text File) 206 Kb PDF
E6783 pFLAG-CMV™-3 Expression Vector E8770 (6 Kb Text File) E8770 C3972 (7 Kb Text File) 197 Kb PDF
E7158 pFLAG-CMV™-4 Expression Vector E1775 (6 Kb Text File) E1775 C4722 (7 Kb Text File) 197 Kb PDF
E6908 pFLAG-CMV™-5.1 Expression Vector E7901 (4 Kb Text File) E7901 P5225 (6 Kb Text File) 164 Kb PDF
E7408 p3xFLAG-CMV™-7 Expression Vector E2400 (4 Kb Text File) E2400 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 182 Kb PDF
E7533 p3xFLAG-CMV™-7.1 Expression Vector E4026 (4 Kb Text File) E4026 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 241 Kb PDF
E9908 p3xFLAG-CMV™-8 Expression Vector E4151 (4 Kb Text File) E4151 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 241 Kb PDF
E9783 p3xFLAG-CMV™-9 Expression Vector E4276 (6 Kb Text File) E4276 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 230 Kb PDF
E7658 p3xFLAG-CMV™-10 Expression Vector E4401 (6 Kb Text File) E4401 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 230 Kb PDF
E7783 p3xFLAG-CMV™-13 Expression Vector E4776 (6 Kb Text File) E4776 C7472 (6 Kb Text File 270 Kb PDF
E7908 p3xFLAG-CMV™-14 Expression Vector E4901 (6 Kb Text File) E4901 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 270 Kb PDF
E8658 pFLAG-Myc-CMV™-19 Expression Vector E5526 (4 Kb Text File) E5526 P4975 (6 Kb Text File) 297 Kb PDF
E8783 pFLAG-Myc-CMV™-20 Expression Vector E5651 (4 Kb Text File) E5651 P5100 (5 Kb Text File) 297 Kb PDF
E8908 pFLAG-Myc-CMV™-21 Expression Vector E5776 (6 Kb Text File) E5776 C3972 (7 Kb Text File) 269 Kb PDF
E9033 pFLAG-Myc-CMV™-22 Expression Vector E5901 (6 Kb Text File) E5901 C4722 (7 Kb Text File) 269 Kb PDF
E9158 p3xFLAG-Myc-CMV™-23 Expression Vector E6026 (4 Kb Text File) E6026 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 317 Kb PDF
E9283 p3xFLAG-Myc-CMV™-24 Expression Vector E6151 (4 Kb Text File) E6151 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 317 Kb PDF
E9408 p3xFLAG-Myc-CMV™-25 Expression Vector E6276 (6 Kb Text File) E6276 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 310 Kb PDF
E7283 p3xFLAG-Myc-CMV™-26 Expression Vector E6401 (6 Kb Text File) E6401 C7472 (6 Kb Text File) 310 Kb PDF
E8033 pFLAG-MAC™ Expression Vector E5644 (5 Kb Text File) C9079 188 Kb PDF
E8158 pFLAG-ATS™ Expression Vector E5769 (5 Kb Text File) C9079 188 Kb PDF
E8283 pFLAG-CTS™ Expression Vector E5269 (5 Kb Text File) E5269 P7707 (6 Kb Text File) 220 Kb PDF
E8408 pFLAG-CTC™ Expression Vector E5394 (5 Kb Text File) E5394 P7707 (6 Kb Text File) 220 Kb PDF
E9533 pFLAG−SHIFT12c Expression Vector E7898 (5 Kb Text File) P5725 195 Kb PDF