Molecular Biology

Nucleic Acid Purification

Purification Kits for DNA and RNA Sample Preparation

Every successful genomics experiment depends on high quality sample preparation. Our diverse portfolio of products is guaranteed to get your DNA or RNA isolated, purified, and ready for amplification. With a wide range of kits for plasmid DNA, genomic DNA, and RNA, you can count on us no matter how much source material you have.

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Plasmid DNA Purification
Plasmid kits offer purification of high quality plasmid DNA that is ready for downstream applications including restriction digest, sequencing, cloning and transfection.

Includes kits suitable for:
• Small or large scale plasmid (from
  minipreps to gigapreps)
• Endotoxin-free plasmid
• Vacuum or spin format

Genomic DNA Purification
Genomic DNA purification kits provide methods for purifying genomic DNA that eliminate the need for expensive resins and hazardous organic compounds.

Includes kits suitable for:
• Mammalian samples
• Plant samples
• Blood samples
• Gram-negative bacteria
• DNA & RNA co-purification
The Extract-N-Amp™ kits provide all the reagents necessary to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA for genotyping. The Extract-N-Amp™ method eliminates the need for homogenization and long enzymatic digestions.

Includes kits suitable for:
• Tissue
• Blood
• Plant
• Seed
RNA Purification
RNA purification kits are simple and cost effective tools for purifying RNA from a variety of samples.

Includes kits suitable for:
• Mammalian total RNA
• Plant total RNA
• mRNA
• microRNA
• DNA & RNA co-purification

Post Reaction
Post reaction purification products allow researchers to quickly and reliably purify amplicons from PCR reactions.

Includes products suitable for:
• PCR Clean-up
• Gel Extraction
Formats include:
• Buffer system kits
• Spin columns
• Pipette tips
Other Reagents & Equipment
Additional reagents are available to assist researchers in the nucleic acid purification.

• RNAlater® for RNA stabilization
• TRI Reagent® for simultaneous
   isolation of RNA, DNA and protein
• Vacuum manifold

High-Throughput Purification
GenElute™ high-throughput purification kits offer significant time-savings through the 96-well format.

Includes kits suitable for:
• Plasmid purification
• Tissue genomic DNA purification
• Blood genomic DNA purification
• Total RNA purification
• PCR clean-up
• Sequencing reaction clean-up
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