DNA & RNA Purification

Genomic DNA Purification

Genomic DNA purification kits provide simple and convenient methods to isolate pure, high molecular weight DNA from a variety of sources. These kits combine the benefits of silica-based bind and elute technology with a microspin format.

The purified genomic DNA can be used for downstream applications, including PCR, sequencing, restriction digest and southern blots.


Cat. # Product Description Starting
Time Required Elution Volume Expected Yield
11814770001 DNA Isolation Kit for Cells and Tissues
Varies depending on sample type >2.5  hrs   Varies depending on tissue type
G1N10 (10 preps) 
(70 preps) 
(350 preps)
GenElute™ Mammalian Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit Varies depending on source material 20 min after lysis 200-400 µL Varies depending on starting material
G1N9602 (96-well x 2)
G1N9604 (96-well x 4)
GenElute™ 96 Well Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Kit <20 mg tissue or <10 µL cultured cells or bacteria 70 min/plate 100 µL 12-50 µg per well
11667327001 DNA Isolation Kit for Mammalian Blood 1-10 mL mammalian whole blood, lymphocytes, or buffy coat samples 120-150 min   Varies depending on species type
NA2010 (70 preps)
NA2020 (350 preps)
GenElute™ Blood Genomic DNA Kit <200 µL of blood <40 min 400 µL <10 µg
BLD9601 (96 well x 1)
BLD9604 (96 well x 4)
GenElute™ 96 Well Blood Genomic DNA Purification Kit 200 µL of fresh or frozen blood 70 min/plate 50-200 µL 4-6 µg per well
DNB600-20RXN GenElute™ Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Midi Kit 1 – 4 mL 40-45 min 50-100 µL Varies depending on specimen
G2N10 (10 preps)
G2N70 (70 preps)
G2N350 (350 preps)
GenElute™ Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit <100 mg of plant tissue <40 min 100-200 µL Varies depending on plant species
E5038 (50 preps) Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit <100 mg of plant tissue or fungi 45 min 100-150 µL Varies depending on plant and fungi species
NA2100 (10 preps)
NA2110 (70 preps)
NA2120 (350 preps)
GenElute™ Bacterial Genomic DNA Kit <1.5 mL of culture 75-120 min 400 µL <20 µg
Special Samples
DNB100-50RXN GenElute™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit <250 mg 30 min 100 µL <50 µg
DNB200-50RXN GenElute™ Stool DNA Isolation Kit <200 mg 30 min 50 µL <50 µg
DNB300-50RXN GenElute™ Urine Cell-Free DNA Purification Mini Kit 250 µL – 2 mL 15-20 min 50-100 µL Varies depending on specimen
DNB400-50RXN GenElute™ FFPE DNA Purification Kit 5 sections < 20 µm thick or 25 mg of unsectioned block Varies depending on sample type 20-50 µL <10 µg