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GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Miniprep Kit

Description: The GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Purification Kit combines silica-membrane technology with a convenient spin column format for a rapid bind, wash, and elute method to prepare high quality total RNA (Figure 1).

Samples are lysed and homogenized in guanidine thiocyanate and 2-mercaptoethanol to release RNA and inactivate RNases. Lysates are spun through a filtration column to remove cellular debris and shear DNA. The filtrate is then applied to a high capacity silica column to bind total RNA, followed by washing and elution. Up to 150 µg of total RNA can be recovered per prep in 100 µl of water. The purified RNA is ready for Northern blot analysis (Figure 1), RT-PCR (Figure 2) and other common applications.


GenElute Mammalian Total RNA Flow Chart
Protocol for GenElute Mammalian
Total RNA Purification Kit
Kit Contents

Features and Benefits


Purify total RNA from up to 107 cells or 40 mg of tissue.

High yields

Up to 150 µg of pure, concentrated total RNA per prep in
50 - 100 µl of water.


Recover RNA from as few as 100 cells.


12 to 18 preps in 30 minutes without lengthy gravity flow or ultracentrifugation steps.


No toxic solvents such as phenol/chloroform.

Cost effective

40% more purifications than the leading supplier.

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GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Purification Kits

Product Code
Purifications per kit
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GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Purification
GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Purification
GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Purification
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Kit Contents

  • Lysis Solution
  • b-mercaptoethanol
  • Wash Solution 1
  • Wash Solution 2
  • Elution Solution
  • Filtration Columns with Tubes
  • RNA Binding Spin Columns with Tubes
  • Collection Tubes
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High quality RNA from various tissues and cells.

GenElute Mammalian Total RNA Gel

Figure 1. Formaldehyde-agarose gel and Northern blot of total RNA purified with the GenElute Mammalian Total RNA Purification Kit.

Upper panel: 2 µg of each RNA analyzed on a 1.2% agarose gel containing 0.6M formaldehyde. 
Lower panel: Corresponding Northern blot hybridized with a 32P labeled RNA probe for GAPDH in PerfectHybTM Plus hybridization buffer.

Note: The GAPDH probe detected a single mRNA band in every lane with little or no smearing. Even RNA from pancreas, which is known to have high RNase levels, is not degraded.

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RNA purification using our GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Isolation Kit is suitable for RT-PCR.

Total RNA

Figure 2. RT-PCR analysis of RNA isolated with the GenElute™ Mammalian Total RNA Purification Kit. RT-PCR detection with RNA from 100 to 1,000 cells. HeLa cells were diluted to give 0, 100, 300, or 1,000 cells per tube followed by RNA purification using the GenElute Mammalian Total RNA Isolation Kit. Duplicate 10 µl samples (20%) of each preparation were treated with Amplification Grade DNase I. One of each pair was reverse transcribed with Enhanced Avian Reverse Transcriptase (+ lanes). The other was incubated under the same conditions, but without the reverse transcriptase (- lanes). PCR was performed with 2 µl (10%) from each reaction, GAPDH primers, and Taq DNA Polymerase. One-fifth of each PCR product was fractionated on a 1.5% agarose gel, and photographed after staining for 30 minutes with SybrGreen I. RT-PCR products are clearly visible for all reactions with reverse transcriptase added (+ lanes), except those with no cells (Lane 0). No PCR products are visible for reactions without reverse transcriptase added (- lanes), demonstrating that RT-PCR products with reverse transcriptase are from RNA and not from residual, contaminating DNA.

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