DNA & RNA Purification

GenElute™ Minus EtBr Spin Columns

Description: Description: GenElute™ Minus EtBr Spin Columns are based on the GenElute Agarose Spin Column but incorporate a membrane for the selective removal of ethidium bromide (Figure 1).

Procedure: The DNA band is excised from an agarose gel and loaded onto the spin column. The membranes, embedded within the column, retain the agarose and ethidium bromide while allowing DNA to selectively pass through the column into a centrifuge tube during centrifugation. Up to 95% of ethidium bromide is removed from DNA with a simple 10 minute procedure. GenElute Minus EtBr Spin Columns can recover DNA fragments from 100 bp to 10 kb with typical recoveries of 30 to 35%.

Application: The purified DNA can be used directly for ligation, Restriction Enzyme Digestion, Cloning, PCR and related manipulations without ethanol precipitation.

Beneficial Features
Starting Amount

<200 mg gel slice


Recovers up to 30 to 35% of DNA fragments from 100 bp to 10 kb


One-step, 10 minute protocol


DNA concentrated in 50 µL to 200 µL of buffer depending on size of gel slice

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Order Information
Product Code Product Name Purifications
per kit
Technical Manual .pdf
5-6501 GenElute Minus EtBr Spin Columns 70 X

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Sample Data

Ethidium Bromide removal demonstrated over a UV light box

EtBr over UV Box

Figure 1. DNA was electrophoresed in agarose gels containing ethidium bromide (0.5 µg/ml). Bands were excised, applied to both the Minus EtBr and Agarose Spin Columns and centrifuged. The final eluate from each column was compared under a UV light box. The filter within the GenElute Minus EtBr Spin Column retained Ethidium Bromide.

Left Tube: GenEluteTM Agarose Spin Column

Right Tube: GenElute Minus EtBr Spin Column


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