DNA & RNA Purification

SigmaSpin™ Post-Reaction Clean-Up Plates and Columns

SigmaSpin™ Post-Reaction Clean-Up Columns
SigmaSpin™ Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Columns are ideal for lower throughput applications, such as clean up of probe labeling reactions or small numbers of sequencing reactions.

These columns can accept sample volumes up to 100 µl. Each column comes with a collection tube to collect the DNA during centrifugation.
SigmaSpin™ 96-Well Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Plates
SigmaSpin™ 96-Well Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up plates provide a fast, simple, and highly efficient method for removing unincorporated dyes, excess salts, and other interfering reaction components. Each plate is packed with a size-exclusion resin, prehydrated with molecular biology grade water. Unique plate design incorporates drip directors to eliminate contamination between samples. SigmaSpin has been tested in high-throughput genome centers and core facilities with ABI Prism 3700, 3100, 377 and Amersham Biosciences MegaBACE automated DNA sequencers. SigmaSpin™ is compatible with all standard terminator chemistries including BigDye™, DYEnamic ET and Thermo Sequenase II.

SigmaSpin™ Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up
SigmaSpin™ Plates and Columns
SigmaSpin™ 96-Well Clean-Up Plate

Order Information

Product Code Product Name Size
S5059 SigmaSpin™ Post-Reaction Clean-Up Columns 70 each

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Beneficial Features


Compatible with all standard terminator chemistries and all commercially available DNA sequencers


Quick and easy protocol requires 6 minutes total centrifugation

High Performance

Pre-qualified size-exclusion resin guarantees optimum performance


Load and recover sample volumes down to 5 µl


Unique drip directors prevent cross-contamination between samples

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Sample Data

SigmaSpin™ Removes Interfering Reaction Components and Eliminates Dye Blobs

Figure 1. Sequencing reaction was purified using a SigmaSpin™ 96-well plate. pFLAG™ MAC plasmid was sequenced using BigDye™ Terminator v 3.0 chemistry (20 µl total reaction volume; BigDye™ premix diluted 1:1 with SeqSaver™ (S3938)). Data was generated on an ABI Prism. 3700 DNA Analyzer with POP-6™ polymer and 10X CE Buffer (B4930). Phred 20 > 600.

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