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UltraClear™ Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit

The Advantage is Clear : Sigma’s UltraClear™ Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit

The UltraClear Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit offers a rapid and simple method for the clean-up of DNA sequencing reactions in a 96-well format. The UltraClear plate uses ultrafiltration membranes to separate low molecular weight contaminants,such as unincorporated dye terminators, dNTPs, and residual salts from the sequencing reaction products.

UltraClear Protocol


Dilute Sequencing Reactions

Load Ultra Clear Plate


Add 40 µl Sequencing Solution

Resuspend the Purified Sequencing Products

Transfer Sequencing Product to an Appropriate Injection Plate for each configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent quality – PHRED q>20 scores greater than 850 bases (See Data)
  • Scientifically engineered to use less BigDye® version 3.1 chemistry and save money 
  • Optimized centrifugation procedures for maximum flexibility
  • Partial 96-well plate can be used and stored at room temperature  


Order Information

Product Code Product Name Size
UC9601 UltraClear Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up 1 x 96
UC9604 UltraClear Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up 4 x 96

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High Quality Sequence Data with UltraClear Kit

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Excellent PHRED q>20 Scores Compared to Competition

Data quality analysis based on PHRED q>20 scores. Samples analyzed on the ABI Prism® 3700 under standard run conditions. M13 template was prepared using 1/8 BigDye Terminator v3.1.

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Optimized Protocol Accommodates a Variety of Spin Forces and Times

Spin Force Time Avg. PHRED 20 SD
1,000 x g 30 minutes 887 11
1,500 x g 20 minutes 870 15
2,500 x g 15 minutes 880 16
3,500 x g 10 minutes 859 39

Average PHRED q >20 scores for each spin force/time configuration tested. N=8

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