SILuPrEST Mass Spectrometry Standards

The SILuPrEST product line represents a new category of stable isotope-labeled MS standards for relative and absolute protein quantification. SILuPrESTs are protein fragments containing a 50-150 amino acid sequence identical to part of a human protein target, designed to minimize sequence homology against other human proteins. Derived from the Human Protein Atlas project, SILuPrEST standards offer substantial proteome coverage with over 19,000 products corresponding to 13,000 unique human targets.

SILuPrEST standards generate multiple labeled peptides upon digestion, serving as internal standards for absolute quantification of the corresponding endogenous proteins. The SILuPrEST standards are produced on demand using metabolic labeling with heavy isotope labeled (15N, 13C) Lysine and Arginine residues, with greater than 99% isotopic label incorporation. SILuPrEST concentration is determined with high accuracy and precision by MS-analysis through the use of an N-terminal sequence consisting of a hexahistidine (His6) sequence followed by an Albumin Binding Protein (ABP) present in all SILuPrESTs. Added early in the proteomics workflow, SILuPrEST standards reduce bias due to sample preparation and provide highly accurate quantitation information.

Poster: SILu™PrEST - Isotope-labeled Multipeptide Standards for Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

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