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Human Random Control DNA Panels for use as reference standards in routine assays
Sigma-Aldrich and ECACC have teamed together to provide researchers with control populations of human genomic DNA for gene regulation and quantitative PCR research. The range of Human Random Control (HRC) DNA samples represents a control population of 480 UK Caucasian blood donors. The HRC DNA is extracted from lymphoblastoid cell lines derived by Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) that can be continuously propagated in culture. This ensures an infinite supply of the unvarying DNA panels. The composition of each panel is completely defined and standardized so that each lot will be identical. Therefore, the HRC DNA Panels can be used as Reference Standards as routine quality control in the laboratory.

  • Consistent Control Samples - The DNA is extracted from immortalized cell lines held as cryopreserved banks, so there is no batch-to-batch variation.
  • Convenient and Ready to Use - Ideal for most standard genetic research applications and avoids errors in preparing controls.
  • Format - The purified HRC DNA is available in 5 different panels (HRC 1 through 5) consisting of 96 individuals with 2 μg each at a concentration of 100 ng/μl. Each panel is provided in a 96-well plate.

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HRC1 Human Random Control DNA Panel Panel 1
HRC2 Human Random Control DNA Panel Panel 2
HRC4 Human Random Control DNA Panel Panel 4
HRC5 Human Random Control DNA Panel Panel 5