Probe Based Quantitative PCR

Probe based QPCR relies on the sequence-specific detection of a desired PCR product. Unlike SYBR® based QPCR methods that detect all double-stranded DNA, probe based QPCR utilizes a fluorescent-labeled target-specific probe resulting in increased specificity and sensitivity. Additionally, a variety of fluorescent dyes are available so that multiple primers can be used to simultaneously amplify many sequences.

PCR Technical Animations

• Ideal for high throughput. ReadyMixes contain all the necessary components for QPCR; you simply add the fluorescent detection chemistry, primers, and template.
• Specific. JumpStart Taq antibody prevents non-specific product formation through its hot-start mechanisms.
• Maximum flexibility in detection method since no detection method has been incorporated into the formulation.
• Optimized formulations with the addition of dUTP to facilitate carry–over prevention from previous PCR.

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D6442 JumpStart Taq ReadyMix for High Throughput Quantitative PCR Ready-to-use 2x mix for qPCR with ROX
D7440 JumpStart Taq ReadyMix for Quantitative PCR For probe-based real-time PCR
L6669 LuminoCt® qPCR ReadyMix For fast probe-based quantitative PCR