FLAG® and 3xFLAG Peptides

FLAG® and 3xFLAG peptides are marker peptides used in recombinant protein production, purification, and detection. The FLAG® tag peptide consists of eight amino acids (DYKDDDDK) selected and sequenced to maximize hydrophilicity and immunogenicity. Fusing three tandem FLAG® tag epitopes, the 3xFLAG tag peptide (DYKDHDGDYKDHDIDYKDDDDK), can enhance detection up to 200 times more than other fusion tag systems. FLAG® and 3xFLAG marker peptides can be added at the N-terminus, the C-terminus, the N-terminus preceded by a methionine residue (Met-FLAG®), and in internal positions.

Designed for immunoaffinity chromatography, the FLAG® tag allows for elution under non-denaturing conditions. Five C-terminal amino acids (DDDDK) on both peptides serve as an enterokinase (Ek) cleavage site, allowing the FLAG® tag to be easily removed if needed. In addition to their use in producing FLAG® tagged fusion proteins, FLAG® and 3xFLAG peptides are also often used for antibody-mediated affinity chromatography by competitive elution.

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F4799 3X FLAG® Peptide lyophilized powder
For use in competitive elution of 3X FLAG® fusion proteins from the ANTI-FLAG® M2 monoclonal antibody (F1804) in solution or bound to agarose on the ANTI-FLAG® M2 agarose affinity gel (A2220). This is achieved by Affinity Chromatography.

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F3290 FLAG® Peptide lyophilized powder
Gently elutes FLAG fusion proteins from ANTI-FLAG® M1 and M2 affinity resins. Usual working concentration is 100 μg/ml. Will not elute 3X FLAG fusion proteins. For this application, use 3X FLAG Peptide, F4799.

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