Glycoprotein Detection Kit

Sigma′s colorimetric glycoprotein detection kit enables convenient, reliable detection of the sugar moieties of glycoproteins in PAGE gels or Western blotting membranes. Based on a modification of Periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) methods, the Glycoprotein Detection Kit identifies glycoproteins with magenta bands on a light pink or colorless background. The kit contains reagents sufficient to stain ten mini-gels (10 × 10 cm) or ten membranes of the same dimensions and detects as little as 25 to 100 ng of carbohydrate, depending on the nature and degree of glycosylation.
For more information on Glycobiology, browse our online Glycobiology Analysis Manual.
Figure 1. Schematic of Glycoprotein Detection Kit staining procedure.

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GLYCOPRO Glycoprotein Detection Kit