Technical Information on Lectins including sugar specificity, blood group specificity, mitogenic activity, molecular weight and more.
Lectins are proteins or glycoproteins from non-immune origins that agglutinate cells and/or precipitate complex carbohydrates. Lectins are isolated from a wide variety of natural sources, both plant and animal. Recombinant human and rat galectins are expessed in Escherichia coli. The agglutination activity of these highly specific carbohydrate-binding molecules is usually inhibited by a simple monosaccharide, but for some lectins di-, tri-, and even polysaccharides are required. Sigma offers a wide range of lectins suitable for the following applications:

  • Carbohydrate studies
  • Fractionation of cells and other particles
  • Lymphocyte subpopulation studies
  • Mitogenic stimulation
  • Blood group typing
  • Histochemical studies
For more information on Glycobiology browse our online Glycobiology Analysis Manual.