Molecular Weight Marker

Nucleic acid electrophoresis is used to identify plant nucleic acid sequences and fragments, separating them by charge and/or size by loading the sample on, then applying a charge to, an agarose gel, polyacrylamide gel, nitrocellulose or positively charged nylon membrane. Dye electrophoresis markers of specific molecular weights move with the sample, providing a visual way to monitor the DNA or RNA migration as a spaced range of colored bands visible in ambient light, or with ethidium bromide (EtBr) staining. Markers come in a variety of sizes, from 50–10,000 bp (base pairs) to 100-1000 nucleotides. Markers are especially useful for size determination of PCR generated DNA fragments, or small RNA strands using native or denaturing agarose gel electrophoresis or PAGE gel electrophoresis.

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D3687 DirectLoad PCR 100 bp Low Ladder ready-to-use marker for DNA electrophoresis
D7058 DirectLoad Wide Range DNA Marker ready-to-use marker for DNA electrophoresis
P1473 PCR 100 bp Low Ladder for electrophoresis of PCR fragments
R7020 Transcript RNA Markers 0.2-10 kb for RNA electrophoresis