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Molecular Weight Marker

Nucleic acid electrophoresis is used to identify plant nucleic acid sequences and fragments, separating them by charge and/or size by loading the sample on, then applying a charge to, an agarose gel, polyacrylamide gel, nitrocellulose or positively charged nylon membrane. Dye electrophoresis markers of specific molecular weights move with the sample, providing a visual way to monitor the DNA or RNA migration as a spaced range of colored bands visible in ambient light, or with ethidium bromide (EtBr) staining. Markers come in a variety of sizes, from 50–10,000 bp (base pairs) to 100-1000 nucleotides. Markers are especially useful for size determination of PCR generated DNA fragments, or small RNA strands using native or denaturing agarose gel electrophoresis or PAGE gel electrophoresis.

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D3687 DirectLoad PCR 100 bp Low Ladder ready-to-use marker for DNA electrophoresis
D7058 DirectLoad Wide Range DNA Marker ready-to-use marker for DNA electrophoresis
P1473 PCR 100 bp Low Ladder for electrophoresis of PCR fragments
D7808 PCR Low Ladder Set marker set for electrophoresis of PCR fragments
R7020 Transcript RNA Markers 0.2-10 kb for RNA electrophoresis