Mass Spectrometry

MALDI-TOF (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight) mass spectrometry is suited for sizing easily-fragmented large plant biomolecules. A small amount of analyte is mixed into the organic matrix. This matrix absorbs the laser energy and transfers it to the analyte, vaporizing and ionizing the biological molecules. Mass/charge ratio determines the time of flight to the detector. Our ProteoMass kits contain everything necessary to calibrate, tune, and assess the sensitivity of the MALDI instrument. Standards in the Peptide kit approximate the size of trypsin fragments, up to 3495 kDa (oxidized bovine insulin B chain). It also contains solvents, and α-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid matrix. Analysis is performed in reflectron mode. Standards in the Protein calibration kit range in mass from insulin B-chain to bovine serum albumen. The matrix used here is sinapinic acid. Protein analysis is in linear mode. The Peptide and Protein Calibration kit contains ten highly pure standards ranging in molecular weight from 757 kDa to 66,430 kDa, low akali-metal solvents, and both matrices.

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MSCAL1 ProteoMass Peptide and Protein MALDI-MS Calibration Kit Peptide and Protein MALDI MS Calibration Standard
MSCAL2 ProteoMass Peptide MALDI-MS Calibration Kit Peptide MALDI MS Calibration Standard
MSCAL3 ProteoMass Protein MALDI-MS Calibration Kit Protein MALDI MS Calibration Standard