Cell Lysis and Recombinant Protein Extraction

Plant cell lysis is the process of extracting genetic material from plant tissue such as leaves. Using chemical or physical means, the cell membranes are disrupted, releasing the cell contents. Recombinant protein extraction involves isolating the desired nuclear proteins and then purifying them.

Effective cell lysis and high yield protein extraction are essential for quality recombinant protein purification. Detergent-based reagents for cell lysis result in higher protein yields than traditional physical disruption methods like sonication or mechanical grinding. Detergents break the lipid barrier surrounding cells by disrupting lipid/protein bonds.

Sigma-Aldrich CelLytic protein extraction formulations for plant cell lysis are proprietary non-denaturing formulations that are compatible with most affinity purification techniques. They are designed to preserve protein function for successful analysis. Using a protease inhibitor further protects the proteins from degradation. CelLytic products are offered in a variety of forms ranging from concentrates to tablets.

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C2360 CelLytic P Cell Lysis Reagent
C5236 CelLytic IB Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent
CB0050 CelLytic B Plus Kit For bacterial lysis
CB0500 CelLytic B Plus Kit For bacterial lysis
CELLYTPN1 CelLytic PN Isolation/Extraction Kit For plant leaves