Anion Exchange Media

Buy our anion exchange chromatography media with peerless separation and purification capability.

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A9960 Amberlite® IRA-67 free base gel form, 16-50 mesh (wet)
B6385 Benzoylated Naphthoylated DEAE–Cellulose medium
GE17-5316-02 Capto Q GE Healthcare, 17-5316-02, pack of 100 mL
C4650 Cholestyramine resin
A50120 DEAE–Sephadex®
A25120 DEAE–Sephadex® A-25 chloride form
DCL6B100 DEAE–Sepharose® CL-6B
DFF100 DEAE–Sepharose® Fast Flow
GE17-0170-01 DEAE-Sephadex® A-25 GE Healthcare, 17-0170-01, pack of 100 g
GE17-0180-02 DEAE-Sephadex® A-50 GE Healthcare, 17-0180-02, pack of 500 g
GE17-0709-01 DEAE Sepharose® Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-0709-01, pack of 500 mL
I6505 Diethylaminoethyl–Sephacel® aqueous ethanol suspension, 40-160 μm (wet), exclusion limit ~1,000,000 Da
GE28-9365-41 HiPrep DEAE Fast Flow 16/10 GE Healthcare, 28-9365-41
GE28-9365-43 HiPrep Q Fast Flow 16/10 GE Healthcare, 28-9365-43
GE28-4058-46 HiTrap® Capto Adhere GE Healthcare, 28-4058-46, pack of 5 × 5 mL
GE29-0513-25 HiTrap® Q HP GE Healthcare, 29-0513-25, pack of 1 mL
GE17-5177-01 Mini Q 4.6/50 PE
GE17-5179-01 Mono Q® 4.6/100 PE
Q25120 QAE Sephadex® A-25 chloride form
Q50120 QAE Sephadex® A-50 chloride form
Q1126 Q Sepharose® Fast Flow preswollen, 45-165 μm (wet), exclusion limit ~4,000,000 Da
Q1754 Q Sepharose® High Performance preswollen, 24-44 μm (wet), average exclusion limit ~4,000,000 Da
GE17-1179-01 Resource Q GE Healthcare, 17-1179-01, pack of 6 mL
GE17-0510-01 Q Sepharose® Fast Flow GE Healthcare, 17-0510-01, pack of 300 mL
GE17-1014-01 Q Sepharose® High Performance GE Healthcare, 17-1014-01, pack of 75 mL
GE17-5072-01 Q Sepharose® Xl GE Healthcare, 17-5072-01, pack of 300 mL
GE17-0947-01 Source 15Q GE Healthcare, 17-0947-01, pack of 50 mL
GE17-5181-01 SOURCE 15Q 4.6/100 PE