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A7155 p-Aminobenzamidine–Agarose saline suspension
A8332 p-Aminobenzamidine–Agarose saline suspension with 20% ethanol
A0796 p-Aminomethylbenzenesulfonamide–Agarose saline suspension
A3765 N-(p-Aminophenyl)oxamic acid–Agarose saline suspension
A6112 Calmodulin-Agarose saline suspension
C3905 α-Casein−Agarose saline suspension
C0286 Collagen-Agarose saline suspension
C9024 Cyanocorrin−Agarose saline suspension
D8515 Deoxyribonucleic acid−cellulose double-stranded from calf thymus DNA lyophilized powder
D8273 Deoxyribonucleic acid−cellulose single-stranded from calf thymus DNA lyophilized powder
F3256 Fetuin-Agarose saline suspension
G5384 Gelatin-Agarose saline suspension
H6390 Hemin−Agarose Type I, saline suspension
H8756 Hemoglobin–Agarose saline suspension
H6508 Heparin−Agarose Type I, saline suspension
H0402 Heparin−Agarose aqueous ethanol suspension
M0269 Methotrexate−Agarose saline suspension
P2032 Pepstatin A−Agarose saline suspension
P9827 Polycytidylic acid–Agarose lyophilized powder
P1411 Polymyxin B-Agarose aqueous glycerol suspension
P8563 Polyuridylic acid–Agarose lyophilized powder, matrix polyacrylhydrazido-agarose
P4530 Protamine-Agarose saline suspension
R9379 Rhodamine B isothiocyanate–Dextran average mol wt ~70,000
S5644 Saccharolactone-Agarose saline suspension
T0637 Trypsin inhibitor–Agarose saline suspension, protein from Glycine max (soybean)
U5632 Ubiquitin−Agarose saline suspension
V3254 Vitamin B12-Agarose saline suspension
X3128 Xanthine Agarose