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A4338 Anti-Bovine Albumin (BSA)−Agarose antibody produced in rabbit IgG fraction of antiserum, PBS suspension
A1559 Monoclonal Anti-Biotin–Agarose antibody produced in mouse clone BN-34, purified immunoglobulin, PBS suspension
P6486 EZview Red Protein A Affinity Gel
E3403 EZview Red Protein G Affinity Gel
A8580 Anti-Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST)–Agarose antibody produced in rabbit IgG fraction of antiserum, PBS suspension
A5713 Monoclonal Anti-polyHistidine–Agarose antibody produced in mouse clone HIS-1, purified immunoglobulin, PBS suspension, suitable for purification of HIS tagged recombinant proteins
A6531 Anti-Mouse IgG (whole molecule)−Agarose antibody produced in goat affinity isolated antibody, suspension
A4540 Anti-Mouse IgM (μ-chain specific)−Agarose antibody produced in goat IgG fraction of antiserum, saline suspension
A8076 Monoclonal Anti-Phosphoserine−Agarose antibody produced in mouse clone PSR-45, purified immunoglobulin, buffered aqueous solution
A4720 Monoclonal Anti-Phosphotyrosine−Agarose antibody produced in mouse clone PY20, purified immunoglobulin, buffered aqueous suspension
P2545 Protein A–Agarose saline suspension
P1406 Protein A–Agarose lyophilized powder
P7786 Protein A-Agarose from Staphylococcus aureus aqueous suspension
P3476 Protein A–Agarose Fast Flow 50%, aqueous suspension
P3391 Protein A-Sepharose® from Staphylococcus aureus lyophilized powder
P9424 ProteinA-Sepharose® 4, Fast Flow from Staphylococcus aureus aqueous ethanol suspension
P7700 Protein G–Agarose lyophilized powder, Contains lactose stabilizers that must be removed prior to use.
P3296 Protein G Sepharose®, Fast Flow recombinant, expressed in E. coli, aqueous ethanol suspension
P3351 Protein L–Agarose from Peptostreptococcus magnus recombinant, expressed in E. coli