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A7642 Albumin from chicken egg white For use as a marker in SDS-PAGE
GERPN756E Amersham ECL Rainbow Marker - Full range High Range, GE Healthcare, RPN756E
GERPN755E Amersham ECL Rainbow Marker - Full range Low Range, GE Healthcare, RPN755E
GERPN800E Amersham ECL Rainbow Marker - Full range Full Range, GE Healthcare, RPN800E
B2787 Biotinylated Molecular Weight Marker mol wt 6,500-180,000 Da
94964 BLUeye Prestained Protein Ladder room temperature stable molecular weight markers
GE17-0446-01 Calibration Kit Low Molecular Weight For Electrophoresis GE Healthcare, 17-0446-01
C6653 Carbonic Anhydrase I from human erythrocytes Isoelectric focusing marker, pI 6.6
C1992 ColorBurst Electrophoresis Marker mol wt 8,000-220,000 Da
C3187 Color Marker low range, mol wt 6,500-45,000 Da
C6210 Color Marker Ultra-low Range (M.W. 1,060-26,600)
SDS6 Dalton Mark VI for Weber and Osborn Gels lyophilized powder
F0262 Fumarase, prestained from porcine heart Prestained
G8511 β-Galactosidase from Escherichia coli For use as a marker in SDS-PAGE
MWND500 Kit for Molecular Weights 14,000-500,000 Non-denaturing
M9267 Myoglobin from equine heart Isoelectric focusing marker, pI (1) 6.8, (2) 7.2
MWSDS17S Peptide Molecular Weight Marker mol wt 2,500-17,000 Da
GE17-0456-01 Pharmalyte® 3 - 10 GE Healthcare, 17-0456-01
GE17-0455-01 Pharmalyte® 8 - 10.5 GE Healthcare, 17-0455-01
69957 Precision Protein Standards for electrophoresis
SDS7B2 Prestained Molecular Weight Marker mol wt 26,600-180,000 Da
P0914 Protein standard Micro Standard, liquid
P0834 Protein standard liquid, 2 mg protein/ml
P8119 Protein Standard analytical standard, 80 mg/mL (HSA and gamma-globulins)
P5369 Protein Standard analytical standard, 200 mg/mL (BSA)
P5619 Protein Standard analytical standard, 2 mg/vial BSA
M0671 Recombinant Molecular Weight Marker mol wt 15,000-150,000 Da
M3913 SigmaMarker low range, mol wt 6,500-66,000 Da
S8320 SigmaMarker high range, mol wt 36,000-200,000 Da
S8445 SigmaMarker wide range, mol wt 6,500-200,000 Da
M5505 Silver Stain SDS-PAGE Molecular Weight Standard Mixture High Range
T9767 Trypsin inhibitor from Glycine max (soybean) BioReagent, For use as a marker in SDS-PAGE
M3546 Ultra-low Range Molecular Weight Marker (M.W. 1,060-26,600)