Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

Bionic™ Buffer Data

Bionic Buffer is a unique alternative to traditional TBE (TRIS borate-EDTA) and TAE (TRIS acetate-EDTA) electrophoresis buffers. Bionic Buffer allows for:

  • Band resolution in minutes
  • Running gels 2-3x faster than in TBE/TAE
  • Sharper bands in less time
  • Use with pre-cast gels

For best results, prepare and run your agarose gel with Bionic Buffer. Alternatively, Bionic Buffer is compatible with standard pre-cast gels or freshly made TBE and TAE gels. For common questions, see our FAQs.

 Sample Data

High Resolution Band Separation in Less Time

Figure 1. Lanes 1, 4 & 7: 50 - 3,000 bp marker; Lanes 2 & 5: 100 - 1,000 bp marker; Lanes 3 & 6: 50 - 2,000 bp marker. PCR markers were loaded on 0.8% agarose gels prepared with (1x) Bionic Buffer or (1x) TBE Buffer. Bionic Buffer ran at its optimal voltage of 250 volts; TBE was run at 100 volts. In only 10 minutes, Bionic Buffer allows for better and sharper band resolution than traditional TBE. 

Works Great with Pre-cast Gels

Figure 2. This is a 1% TBE pre-cast gel (P5472) electrophoresed with 1x Bionic Buffer for 10 minutes at 250 volts. There is excellent band resolution and separation in a very short time with the pre-cast gel. This gel was loaded and then run with no equilibration time. Gel was loaded as follows: Lane 1: 100-1000 bp DNA ladder (D3687); Lane 2: 50-2000 bp PCR Marker (P9577); Lanes 3,4: 500-10,000 bp 1 KB ladder (D3937).