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PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a cornerstone of molecular biology research. PCR reagents and applications continue to be added to the suite of products available for Routine PCR, RT-PCR, Hot Start PCR, Quantitative PCR (Q-PCR), and Long and Accurate PCR. Our PCR reagents provide consistent, specific, high yield amplification of your DNA.

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Selection Guide
Choose the perfect PCR product for your experiment!

Use our Selection Guide to help you determine what product best suits your Routine PCR, RT-PCR, or qPCR needs.

Routine PCR
Our Routine PCR products offer Routine or Enhanced options to meet your PCR needs.
Hot Start PCR
Long & Accurate PCR

Check out our JumpStart™ line of PCR Reagents.
Explore our SYBR Green and Probe based products:
SYBR Green

Our featured KiCqStart® and LuminoCt™ product lines offer convenient, quality  solutions.
Find the kit or reagent to complete your RT-PCR experiment.

Check out our eAMV Reverse Transcriptases and check out our RT-qPCR products.
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