Greater Sensitivity and Yield with JumpStart AccuTaq LA DNA Polymerase

JumpStart AccuTaq and JumpStart REDAccuTaq amplify from less template with higher specificity than the competitive enzymes.
JumpStart AccuTaq LA DNA polymerase, JumpStart REDAccuTaq LA DNA polymerase, and long and accurate hot start enzymes from Supplier I were used to amplify a 10 kb fragment of human genomic DNA. Reactions contained 4 ng/µl, 2 ng/µl, 1 ng/µl or 0.4 ng/µl of genomic DNA template. Reactions assembled and cycled per suppliers' recommendations.

Lane 1: 4 ng/µl
Lane 2: 2 ng/µl
Lane 3: 1 ng/µl
Lane 4: 4 ng/µl
Lanes M: 10 kb ladder DNA marker

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