PCR Reaction Components

Reduce the risk of contamination and faulty PCR results with Sigma's certified PCR graded reagents. Where applicable, PCR graded reagents are assayed to ensure no risk of DNase, RNase contamination and also validated for use in PCR.

Enhance your PCR results today with Sigma's PCR graded reagents.

  • Validated Performance – Sigma's PCR graded reagents are fully validated to ensure suitability in PCR.
  • Ultrapure Tested – Minimize the risk of contamination with Ultrapure PCR grade reagents certified both DNase & RNase free.
Product Name Product # 
Acetamide PCR Reagent A6082
Betaine solution 5 M PCR Reagent B0300
Diethyl pyrocarbonate min. 97 % (NMR) D5758
Dimethyl sulfoxide PCR Reagent D9170
Glycerol PCR Reagent G8778
Magnesium chloride solution PCR Reagent M8787
10× PCR Buffer P2192
PCR Buffer without MgCl2 PCRII
Ribonuclease Inhibitor R2520
RNaseZAP® R2020
Single-strand Binding Protein from Escherichia coli >95 % (SDS-PAGE) S3917
Uracil DNA Glycosylase from Escherichia coli U1257
Water PCR Reagent W1754

Sigma also provides Ultrapure Nucleotides available as individual nucleotides or mixes. For more information, view our Ultrapure Nucleotides product line.


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