MystiCq® microRNA RT-qPCR System

Unlock the mysteries of microRNA with MystiCq microRNA reagents, a complete SYBR Green RT-qPCR workflow for quantifying microRNA expression.

MystiCq microRNA reagents provide a complete system to measure mature microRNA expression, from miRNA isolation to relative expression levels. Enjoy a wide, linear dynamic range of input RNA, predesigned assay primers, and easy to use ReadyMixes compatible with most qPCR instruments.  In addition, MystiCq microRNA reagents offers:

  • Over 1400 pre-designed and wet lab tested primer pairs designed to target only mature microRNAs
  • Conversion of all microRNAs, allowing nearly unlimited readouts from a single sample
  • Selection of three different products for isolation of microRNAs
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