MystiCq® microRNA RT-qPCR Products

MystiCq microRNA reagents provide a complete SYBR Green RT-qPCR workflow for quantifying expression in three steps: isolation, cDNA synthesis and quantitation by amplification.  Products required for each step can be found below.

Step 1: microRNA (or total RNA) isolation

The MystiCq microRNA cDNA Synthesis Mix has been designed to easily convert microRNAs into cDNA templates for qPCR starting from total RNA or RNA preparations pre-enriched for microRNAs. We offer several options to ready your sample for microRNA cDNA synthesis. Examples of related RNA purification products include:

Steps 2 and 3: microRNA polyadenylation and cDNA synthesis

Reagents needed for this step are cDNA synthesis mix and your experiment’s RNA.  MystiCq® microRNA cDNA Synthesis Mix includes Poly (A) Tailing Buffer, Human Positive Control Primer, Nuclease-free Water, MystiCq® Universal PCR Primer, Poly (A) Polymerase microRNA cDNA Reaction Mix and ReadyScript® Reverse Transcriptase.

Step 4: microRNA amplification & quantitation

Quantitation occurs during amplification of the cDNA created in Step 2. Required reagents are two primers (MystiCq Universal PCR Primer and MystiCq microRNA qPCR Assay Primer specific for your target microRNA), one of the SYBR Green qPCR ReadyMixes and your sample microRNA cDNA.


 microRNA qPCR Assay Primers

Search directly for your target microRNA using the search bar below or by browsing the qPCR Assay Primers tables.

 microRNA qPCR ReadyMixes

Choose one of the SYBR® Green qPCR ReadyMixes™ listed below. Each ReadyMix is optimized for the reference dye normalization needed for certain equipment. Not sure which ReadyMix is compatible with your instrument? Refer to the MystiCq Compatible Instrument Table for more details.

 microRNA qPCR Control Primers

Control primers are recommended both as an experimental positive control, and if desired, to quantify a target reference gene. MystiCq microRNA cDNA Synthesis Mix includes a Human Positive Control Primer for the small nucleolar RNA SNORD44, ubiquitously expressed in most human tissues. Other control primers are available separately. To see available control primers, click here.

For other products related to your targeted gene or pathway, visit our Gene-Specific Product Search page, click here.