MTP Taq DNA Polymerase

Researchers today encounter contaminating DNA present in their polymerase preparations that often preclude or obscure accurate interpretation of PCR results, especially when targeting conserved sequences.

The MTP™ Taq DNA Polymerase, D7442, is ideal for researcher detecting and identifying bacterial DNA, looking for a more accurate method in mutation scanning techniques, or wanting to prevent the amplification of undesired DNA sequences.

MTP Taq DNA Polymerase is a recombinant thermostable enzyme from Thermus aquaticus expressed in E. coli and purified using a proprietary process to minimize the levels of contaminating DNA. The enzyme has both 5' → 3' DNA polymerase exonuclease activities, is approximately 95kD by SDS-PAGE, and has no detectable endonuclease or 3' → 5' exonuclease activities. Each lot of MTP Taq undergoes strict quality control testing to ensure the absence of detectable levels of contaminating DNA.


  • Ensures a high-quality, low contaminant DNA polymerase
  • Increases accuracy in mutation scanning techniques
  • Prevents amplification of undesired DNA sequences & false positive results
  • Ideal for researchers detecting and identifying bacterial DNA


Our proprietary DNA removal methods and strict quality control standards, we can ensure the absence of the most commonly found contaminant DNA. Each lot of MTP Taq is assayed using PCR and primers specific to the conserved region of bacterial 16S rRNA, the Taq expression vector, and the human β actin gene.

Primer Target: β Actin Gene
Beta Actin Gene
1: PCR marker
2: Negative control
3,4: 0 fg hg DNA
5,6: 100 fg hg DNA
7,8: 1000 fg hg DNA
9,10: 10000 fg hg DNA

Primer Target: Conserved Bacterial 16s rRNA Gene
Conserved Bacterial 16s rRNA Gene
1: PCR marker
2: Negative control
3,4: 0 fg E. coli DNA
5,6: 37 fg E. coli DNA
7,8: 370 fg E. coli DNA
9,10: 3700 fg E. coli DNA


Product Name Product # 
MTP Taq DNA Polymerase D7442-50UN

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