Ultrapure Nucleotides

Our Ultrapure Nucleotides are available as individual nucleotides or mixes. Each product is tested for suitability in PCR and DNase and
RNase free.

  • Ultrapure dNTPs – Minimum ≥ 99% determined by HPLC
  • Minimize Contamination Risk – Certified DNase & RNase free
  • Convenient Pre–mixed dNTP Solution – Equimolar amounts of each dNTP means less pipetting
10mM solutions
100mM solutions
Pack Size
Pack Size
dATP D6920 0.5 ml (5 µmol) D4788 0.25 ml (25µmol)
dCTP D7045 0.5 ml (5 µmol) D4913 0.25 ml (25µmol)
dGTP D7170 0.5ml (5 µmol) D5038 0.25ml (25µmol)
TTP T7791 0.5ml (5 µmol) T9656 0.25ml (25µmol)
dNTP Set
1 vial of
each dNTP
DNTP-10 0.5 ml (5 µmol)
of each dNTP
0.25 ml (25 µmol)
of each dNTP
dNTP Mix
Solution of all
four dNTPs
D7295 0.2 ml (2 µmol)
0.5 ml (5 µmol)
20 x 0.2ml (20x2 5mol)
DNTP-100A 1.00 ml (100 µmol)
of each dNTP


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